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FASI, LLC - FACP Training for First Responders

Familiarizing first responders with fire alarm devices and FACPs is the reason that the Fire Alarm Systems Institute, LLC was created by five dedicated fire safety individuals who collectively have experience in firefighter training, fire response operations and fire alarm systems and their components. They created a three-hour, interactive training program to be presented at your site.  Hands-on experience with demo FACPs is provided.

FASI offers training in the six New England States. Other areas of the US will be covered on an as needed basis.

Training is also available at the fire department facility during normal duty hours. For most departments FASI provides four classes, one for each company.

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Subjects Covered by FASI, LLC

  • Firefighter interface with the FACP
    Conventional vs. addressable systems
  • The different types of alarms
  • Discuss local, remote, proprietary and auxiliary FA systems
  • Detection devices, how they operate and what a first responder should look for
  • Firefighter elevator safety
  • The value of UL/ETL listed and FM-approved systems
  • Firefighter exit procedure following an incident
  • Firefighter interface with radio and 100 mil master boxes

Purpose of FASI, LLC

Training is lacking on the interface and operation of the fire alarm control panels by our first responders. These firefighters need to know how to benefit from the information the FACP is giving them and what to do and not to do in response.

Some student questions & comments:

"This was a great seminar! I didn't know how much the fire panel could help me to perform my job."

"What does that flashing firefighter's hat mean in the elevator lobby?"

"What does the flashing light mean on the monitor module?"

"We learned a lot about specific panels and problems that occur in our districts that we had no answers for or anyone to explain it to us. You and your course did."

"I got to have hands-on experience with the panels."


The course is presented at your facility and usually is presented by company so that the fire fighter sreceive their training while on duty. The instructor brings with him demonstration model fire alarm panels and encourages hands-on participation by the students. For more information including pricing and available openings in our schedule, please contact us at (866) 388-0023.

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